The Mountain Palace

Masada is a wonderful place to visit. It's main attractions are the ruins of what once was three grand palaces built by King Herod. The mountaintop itself provides some of the most breathtaking scenic views of the Dead Sea and the surrounding area. To see ruins of this age and the intricacies of the palaces was truly a wondrous thing. Throughout time this mountain top retreat was conquered and felled by many a civilization. It bears witness to one of the most significant stories of bravery and courage for the Jewish people, a story of death before surrender and slavery. Today it provides a magnificent testimony to heritage, history and beauty. Enjoy...

Oasis and Camp

A view of the oasis and one of the many Roman camps (the small brown square to the left is the camp) These camps were erected during the siege of Masada. Access to the mountaintop is either by hiking (45 minutes) or by cable car... I wanted to hike it, but the German guys talked me into the cable car...
( inside joke, it seems that Europeans don't actually drive the car to the end of the driveway to retrieve their mail, how odd... I know I do... )

Palace Ruins

Palace Ruins

The palaces where built at the northern edge of the mountain in three tiers. The ruins are shown here from 2 vantage points. You can see in the top picture another Roman camp in the distance, they where all around this mountain trying to capture it.

Bath House

Ruins of one of the bathing areas within the compound.

Bath House

A better view of what it was like in the bathing areas. Notice the finished walls and elaborate tile work on the floor.

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