The town of Joffa has much history. It has been the landing and battle place of many an episode through time. This is predominately and Arabian town and for this reason the Israelites chose to build their new city Tel Aviv close to this town, but not within it, to avoid conflict. The town lies beautifully, right on the Mediterranean Sea. It's buildings are old and historic. The market place here is one of the best for bargain hunting, but beware, the vendors will literally try to trap you in their small street-side shops and block your exit until you buy something... Anyone want to buy a small water pipe, 40 Shequiles?...

Joffa from a distance

Looking at Joffa from the beach in Tel-Aviv

The Guard Tower

This Tower stands ready for invaders... or at least it used to.

Tower close-up



George & the Market

The market place... say hi George... (the guy with the backpack on...)

More of the Market

Pictures of the market place

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